It’s October. How did that happen? I last blogged in July. What have I been doing?
Good question. A bit of writing. A bit of thinking about writing. Actually a lot of thinking about writing. I’ve finished my latest book which will be published next year some time and that’s gone off to the publisher. It will be called Playlist for a Broken Heart and is a one off novel.
So what next? Not sure – hence the thinking about writing. In my last blog, I wrote about the fact that a large part of being an author is rewriting and reworking ideas. Another large part is coming up with the ideas and developing them into a good storyline. It can take time to do this. I meet so many people who say they have great ideas but stumble after the first buzz of having a great idea. It is important to know that an idea can sustain into a plot with a beginning, a middle and an end – so that’s what I’m busy doing at the moment, looking at ideas and thinking about which ones I want to take further.
Otherwise, autumn is truly upon us. It’s wet and windy outside as I write this, good weather to be inside at my computer. It’s half term for some schools, so hope you’re having a good break and not getting too soaked,
Bye for now,