Eek! I really haven’t got the hang of this blogging lark. I keep forgetting to do it. It’s November, I’m up in my office at the top of the house and I can see the lights of Bath twinkling down below. Very pretty.
So what’s my excuse for not blogging? I’ve been writing a book, that’s what. Time After Time. It’s almost finished, well, the first draft anyway and I do hope readers like it. I’ve really enjoyed writing it and it’s a bit different in that all my other books have been part of a series but this one is a stand alone novel. It’s very romantic and looks at the idea of whether love is fate or choice and whether such a notion as soul-mates could be true.
Here in Bath, the Christmas market opens on Thursday, the lights are on for the season and already, the shops are playing Christmas music and decorated with tinsel and sparkle. Too early I think. I liked it better when Christmas was condensed into a few special days, weeks at the most not spread over months. That’s just daft I say.
The weather’s getting colder so we’ve bought some DVD box sets to watch. Doc Martin. In Treatment and the Godfather trilogy. And I have a ton of books in piles waiting to be read. Perfect for staying in under a warm throw and curling up on the sofa.
In the meantime, I’d better get back to writing that book!
Bye for now