New Website, New Blog, New House…

New website, new blog, new house – I don’t know what’s hit me lately. All good though. I moved to Bath at the end of January and life for the first weeks was a blur of dust, boxes, builders and painting and not being able to find anything – I couldn’t find my socks for ages and kept having to borrow my husband’s. I love it here, love Bath and especially love my new office which is at the top of the house with the most amazing views out over the city. On a clear day, I can even see Bristol and Wales. I felt like I was at home when I unpacked my books and set up my desk though and now I can at last focus on getting book 2 in the Million Dollar Mates series written. It’s called Paparazzi Princess and is about Jess Hall who lives in one of the most glam locations in England and what she goes through there. I’m about half way through at the moment. I don’t want to give too much away here in the blog though because I hope anyone reading this will read the book! Book one Million Dollar Mates will be out on July 8th. I go up to London next week to work out a book tour for when the book is out. On the road again…

So far, I haven’t had a lot of time to get out and explore down here but I am looking forward to the summer and getting out to some of the lovely villages which are only five minutes behind us. We did a great walk on Sunday in a place called Southstoke and it was a revelation to find such fab countryside so near. That’s the nice thing about Bath, countryside all around but there’s also the life in town with the cinemas, theatre, restaurants. I probably sound like a travel brochure now so I’ll shut up.

My cats love it too. I was worried they would make a break for it and try and hitch a ride back to London, but no, they have settled in really well although not too keen on going too far. There’s a badger in the garden so that must have been a shock and horses at the bottom of the hill. For the first few weeks after we let them out, I’d never heard them so vocal. (We kept them in for 4 weeks to get used to the place.) They’d go out then come back meowing and really trying to talk to us. It must also have been weird for them suddenly having four floors to live on. In London, we lived on one floor and I think it must have blown their cat brains to go up to the fourth floor and look down on the birds!

Another nice thing about being here is that I have great mates here. A bunch of them helped us move in and later came back for an evening wearing stupid bonnets and they had even made one for me with flowers and feathers. Why bonnets you may ask? The answer is because Jane Austin lived in this area for part of her life – hence the bonnet wearing. Bit worrying if I start wearing one in public though – like in Waitrose!

OK, bye for now,