May and dancing in Dublin.

May 31st:

It’s the last day of May, bank holiday and I’m in my lovely office catching up on all the admin that’s piled up. It’s been a hectic few weeks. I took a short break in Scotland, och aye the noo and we toured the lochs and glens in the West of Scotland. The scenery is truly spectacular. We even went to an area where the Harry Potter movies are shot – see the photo with the viaduct behind me.

The next weekend was a friend’s birthday bash in Dublin so it was back to the airport where luckily we got away and back in between volcanic ash clouds. Great fun. A bunch of us dressed up in Hawaiian clothes and sang Happy Talk from South Pacific, only we changed the words to suit the birthday girl. Some of the boys also dressed in Hawaiian outfits and danced behind us. We had a great routine worked out for them but on the night, they forgot most of it and swayed along behind us looked like a bad act from Britain’s Got Talent – especially as they all insisted wearing their grass skirts on their heads. I do know some mad people.

Then it was up to London to meet various booksellers at a dinner hosted by my publisher Simon and Schuster. I met some great people there. Loved Mavis who’s the Sainsbury’s buyer. Hi Mavis, if you’re reading this.

And lastly, up to see my brothers in Manchester and then parents in Southport.

As I say, all go.

I’m home now for a few weeks before the book tour starts on July 4th. This is to promote my new book, Million Dollar Mates which will be out on July 8th. There will be a page showing when and where up on the site soon.

OK, back to seeing if I can upload photos onto the site,

Bye for now,



scene from Harry Potter - see the viaduct?