May drizzle…

Still raining here! Still working on Super Star, book five in the Million Dollar Mates series but the really great news is that I have been nominated for the Queen of Teen award – so thanks so much to anyone out there who put me forward. It’s the third time for me (always the bridesmaid, never the bride, boo hoo) and I am thrilled to be on the list of the ten authors nominated again. Louise Rennison won the first award back in 2008, and Cathy Cassidy won in 2010 so who will win this year? A man has been nominated, James Dawson, maybe him? Of course all the press have picked up on that – male author nominated for Queen of Teen sort of thing. Why not eh? Now is when the serious voting starts though so if you want to vote for your favourite author, please go to:
Otherwise, the cover for my new book, Love At Second Sight is almost finished. It’s quite different to my usual covers so I will put it on my facebook page as soon as I have a finished copy because I’d love to hear what my readers think.
It’s almost bank holiday. We’re off to Tintern near Chepstow to meet a bunch of friends and are supposed to be going on a walk through the woods to see all the bluebells but the forecast is rain and more rain, so we will probably be huddled inside trying to keep warm instead. I don’t mind, it’s the getting together with mates that counts.
As soon as I have finished Super Star, I am going to take a week off and catch my breath then I shall put my mind to ideas for new books. I think I’d quite like to set a series here in the South West, maybe even Bath – it will give me an excuse to go and visit all my favourite spots again. If only it would stop raining…
Bye for now,