July 2013

We’re having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave. Summer is here at last. It’s baking hot here in Bath.

I know I haven’t blogged for a while. The reason is I’ve been busy writing my latest book. That’s how it goes sometimes, for months and months, I have to get really focused, no distractions and write so there hasn’t been much to report apart from the fact that I’ve been at my desk typing. The new book is called Songs for Sarah and it should be out next spring. It’s another one off novel like Love at Second Sight, which came out last August.

And now I’m taking a break. Oh yes. Well sort of. Part of my mind is busy thinking up ideas for the next book. Writing is like growing a plant. First the seed of an idea, then time to germinate and take root in my mind, then it grows into a story. (Haha, sounds like I have a tree growing in my head!) After that it’s months and months of writing it down, rewriting and shaping it so that it works. Hence not many blogs.

In the meantime, I’ve lots of books to read – a huge pile that has been building up over the last year so I intend to sit in the garden and slowly get through them.
Wishing you a fab summer with lots of books of your own to read while on holiday – hopefully one of mine. Love at Second Sight is in the shops now, one reviewer said that was perfect holiday reading. Also in the shops is book five in the Million Dollar Mates series, this one is called Super Star. I hope you like them.
Bye for now