January 2014

Blog 2014

Happy New Year to everyone, and let’s hope it’s a good one for all of us.
Last year was a very unsettled year for me in many areas – partly because we had our house on the market and though several buyers wanted to buy it, they all had their own houses to sell (known as a chain) and in the end, nobody managed it in time. So this year things will be more settled because we are staying put where we are and will put our house up for sale again in spring 2015.
When we do move, we will stay in Bath. We love it here and have managed to find a house we like, which we raised funds to buy and have found tenants for until we sell our present home. It’s weird when you decide to move as mentally, you move on and imagine yourself somewhere else but as things have turned out, we won’t be going just yet. So I had mentally moved on then had to mentally move back in. Probably why I felt a bit mental!

Work was also unsettled because I was waiting to hear from my publishers about what book to write next. That was a big change for me because for the last twelve years, I’ve always known what books I am going to be working on, usually up to a year, sometimes two years, ahead. This time I didn’t. I worked on lots of ideas for new books which my agents and publishers have been considering. Hopefully I’ll hear soon and can get started on one. Or maybe not, maybe I’ll do something completely different and become a plumber!
The book I was working on early 2013 will be out in May this year. It’s a one off novel and is called Playlist for a Broken Heart. I should have a cover to show soon and will put it on my facebook page. This one is set in Bath where I live and is about a girl who moves there when her dad loses his job and subsequently their house in London. The move is a big adjustment for her on many levels – a new school, finding new friends, girls and boys and finding where she fits. I hope you like it.
Other book news is that the Mates, Dates series is going to be re-launched starting with the first two in March, the third and fourth in June and the fifth and sixth in September. I’ve already put two of the new covers up on my facebook page. I think they look great.
Otherwise, I’ve started doing an art class again. I always like learning new skills and most years have tried to do some kind of class. I have a lot to learn though and no-one will be seeing my attempts at landscapes or portraits for quite some time. I do enjoy it though.
Another change was that my husband retired and is at home full time now. That’s a nice change because he worked in London so it’s nice to have him back. He’s adjusting to the changes too though because he was used to having a very busy life and suddenly, hasn’t so much to do. He loves playing music and has got together with a bunch of local musicians and their band is becoming popular locally. He loves it.
The cats are all well. We see a lot of them in the winter and usually find them sprawled out underneath a radiator somewhere. They do love to warm spots.
So that’s it for now and off we all go into 2014. I wonder what it has in store for us all.
Bye for now