February and it’s exactly two years since I made the move from London to Bath with my husband and three cats. In one way, it feels like we’ve been here forever, in another, like we’ve just got here!
We moved in the snow and yet again, it snowed this year at the same time. It looks so beautiful but we live up on a hill so it can be pretty slippy if the Arctic weather carries on too long. I could literally go and sit on the road and slide my way on the ice down to the town!
Of course, the cats never go out in this freezing weather and all lie about under radiators except Georgia, our silver girl. She lies half way up the stairs. I have to be really careful not to trip over her!
Bookwise, Golden Girl is out on the Ist March so not long to go! It’s book five in the Million Dollar Mates series and continues the story of Jess Hall, a fifteen year old girl whose life changed when she moved into No 1, Porchester Park, the most luxurious fab apartment block in the UK. In this book, her relationship with JJ, the son of one of the A-lister residents continues and is a big learning curve for her, not just because it is her first proper relationship but also because spending time with him means hanging out in his very privileged world. It sounds like most teenage girls dream but it turns out to be not exactly how Jess imagined.
I will be going out on a week long book tour to promote the book at the beginning of March and this time, I will mainly be in the North West of England in Salford, Manchester, Lancashire, Preston and Formby. Be great to be up there again and see some old friends and meet some new ones.
Apart from that, I got some lovely news early this year and that was that I have been shortlisted for the Dudley teen book award. I am very happy to hear this mainly because it has been voted for by teenagers themselves so I feel very honoured. The winner will be announced in April.
In the meantime. I have started writing the fifth book in the Million Dollar Mates series called Super Star and that will be out in the spring of 2013. Seems like ages away, doesn’t it? But I bet it will come around really fast.
Keep warm in this cold weather,