End of August 2014

Well it couldn’t be a wetter day here in Bath. Loads of people have been doing the ice bucket challenge for charity but here in Somerset, everyone’s doing it courtesy of the weather. I always know when it’s getting cooler because our three cats suddenly reappear. On hot days, we never see them as they like being outside in the sun as much as we do and often find themselves a nice cool bush to sleep under. What a life!
I’ve finished my latest book, A Home for Shimmer and that will be out next year in late January or early February. I hope to have a cover to post soon and will put it on twitter (CathyHopkins1) or my facebook page as soon as I have it. The puppy, Shimmer in the book was inspired by one of my facebook friends called Amy. She has the most wonderful dog, a golden retriever, called Shimmer and regularly posts photos of what they’re up to. She has just got a new puppy called Saffy who looks like she’s giving the family a run for their money – like having a new baby, she gets them up at the crack of dawn every day and looks like a real character from what I can see online.
This morning in the post, I got copies of books from my publisher V and R in Argentina. It’s got a new look for the Million Dollar Mates series and I think it looks great (see photo.) I’ve loved all the covers they’ve done and if you’d like to see the others, you can see them on my facebook page.
Otherwise, it’s been wonderful summer (apart from the rain the last few weeks). We’ve had a constant flow of visitors, friends and family from around the country and I’ve enjoyed showing them this beautiful city where I live.
I guess it’s back to school soon for many of my readers so here’s wishing you a great new year especially those going into Year Seven after junior school.
Bye for now and let’s hope we have some more sunshine before the autumn comes in,