December 2015

December 2015.

Just looked at the date? Blimey where did 2015 go?
It’s December and what have I been doing since I last blogged in May you may ask? Moving house, that’s what and not only that, moving into a building project and being project manager, builder’s runner and general tea maker. We bought a house that needed work doing top to bottom, front to back but it’s done, the last workman has gone, the removal men have taken the last empty boxes and now Steve (husband) and I can collapse and recover. I love the new house now it’s finished and so do the cats, they are very happy here though weren’t too happy about the move. It was hard because you can’t explain to a cat that it’s going to be OK (though we did try believe me), they looked so bewildered when we put them in cats baskets and took them away from all that was familiar but they’ve settled now and love their new territory. I am also now on first name terms with the local Screwfix branch and have learnt to use an electric drill. Oh yes, I have become DIY person and can bore friends at social events with my knowledge of the different kinds of grout and wall filler.
I also finished the book for the older market that I started in 2014 and is now with my agent. My office was the first room we finished so that I could escape up there, close the door and get on with the writing.
So this year, has been a year of working behind the scenes, finishing my book, finishing my house. Two new starts. I wonder what 2016 will bring?
In the meantime, after months of getting up early to let builders in, I am going to have a week of lie ins next week. Oh yes. And catch up on a few movies, read some of the books on my pile. I’m reading The Enchantment by Rene Denfield at the moment, it’s told from the point of view of a prisoner on death row. I know, a cheerful subject for Christmas, it is dark but very very good then next on the list is Man at the Helm by Nina Stibbe which I am told is very funny and then book 2 and 3 in the My Brilliant Friend series by Elena Ferrante, I’ve read book one and loved it then after that oh… the pile by the bed is high but I look forward to cosy days in and working my way through it.
Wishing you all a merry Christmas, happy reading days and all the best for peaceful and happy 2016.