April and it’s snowing!

April 4th and I’ve been at my desk all day writing Super Star, book 5 in the Million Dollar Mates series. I get the feeling some people are on HOLIDAY! and gadding about the country having a very jolly time while I work. Actually I don’t mind because the weather has changed back to winter and there’s not a lot of temptation to go outside here into the sleet and cold! It’s quite nice tucked up here in my office in the warm.
Since I last blogged. I’ve been on a book tour to the North West of England and met loads of great girls, teachers and librarians in Preston, Lancaster, Altrincham, Lytham St Anne’s, Cosby and Manchester It was a very busy week but well worth it thanks to the booksellers up there who worked very hard to organise the events. The last event in Cosby was fantastic with five different schools arriving by coach to fill the hall there.
Another thing that’s happening is that there’s to be another Queen of Teen event later this year in July. Readers from all over the country are invited to nominate their favourite female author and have a chance to attend the ceremony and see the winner crowned so if anybody would like to vote, you have until April 20th, just go to www.queenofteen.co.uk. It’s always a fun occasion.
What’s next on the book front? Love At Second Sight is the next book out and that will be in August. At the moment, designers are working on the covers. I’ve seen a couple of rough ideas already and think it’s going to look great.
A short blog this time as my friend, Sarah from London is about to arrive with my godson, Louis and his brother Sam so I have to go downstairs and organise pizzas and DVD’s for them to watch. I might just join them on the sofa!
By for now,