Spring in the air

April showers but spring is here and bursting to get through the clouds. I’ve been busy writing Golden Girl, the 4th in the Million Dollar Mates series and am about two thirds through so the last few weeks have been quiet while I’ve been concentrating on the book. Not sure why but I’ve been writing this one from my bed where I lie propped up with cushions like Maggie Smith in Gosford Park instead of up in my office at my desk at the top of the house. Not that I haven’t got up and out of bed each morning! I have. Honest. I make the bed then hop back on it with a mug of coffee. The book just seemed to flow better in another room from my office this time. Maybe in future, I’ll write each new book in a different room each time and see what happens.
At the weekends, I’ve been exploring some of the surrounding countryside near where we live and discovered Combe Hay which is a lovely village not far from here. Ten minutes away by car to be exact. Absolute heaven to sit on the terrace outside a pub there and take in the lovely views. I went there yesterday with my editor, Venetia who came down on the train from London. Shame it was a grey day but we had a good time despite the weather and talked over new ideas for books as well as having a good old catch up.
Apart from writing, I’ve been reading. I’ve just finished Dodie Smith’s biography. She wrote One Hundred and One Dalmations and also, amongst other things, she wrote one of my all time favourite books which is I Capture the Castle. It’s always interesting to read about another writer. And now I’m reading Starter for Ten by David Nicholls. He wrote another book I enjoyed called One Day.
So time for a cup of tea and another look at the chapter I’ve been working on.
Bye for now.