Today I have to write two snogging scenes for the book I’m writing. One has to be bad, like yuk, the other magic. So I’m writing a blog instead and hoping that my unconscious mind will have come up with a good way of doing the two scenes by the time I get back to the book.
So much for our Indian summer hey? The weather here’s been grey, windy and wet. Yuk. Still maybe there will be a few more sunny days before autumn truly arrives. I hope so. I’ve enrolled to do a gardening course in October. Just a couple of hours a week but it’s my new hobby. I want to learn how to plant properly instead of throwing things in to the garden then watching them die because I’ve put them in the wrong sort of soil.
I’ve just finished the rewrite of Golden Girl and that’s gone off to my publisher now so it’s back to Time After Time, the new novel I’m working on (the one with the snogging scenes!)
Apart from that life is good. We had a friend’s birthday at the weekend. After a pub lunch with about 20 friends, we went back to one pal’s cottage and all did a party piece for her. Eight of us dressed up as nuns and sang a version of How do you solve a problem like Maria? from the Sound of Music. Course we changed the words so that they were relevant to her. It was hysterical. Especially as four of the men dressed as nuns too and my husband Steve as a priest (see photo). Afterwards, one friend, insisted we walk through the village in our costumes and go into the pub to bless the beer. So we did. Luckily the locals reacted very well to a bunch of giggling adults acting like fourteen year olds taking over the bar. Sometimes I get asked how I can write for teenagers (when I’m clearly not one). Now you know. My friends are all daft.
Overall, it’s been a quiet time at home though, head down, writing. My next trip out into the book world is October 16th when I’m doing an event in Cheltenham. More of that next month though.
Bye for now