Ok, time to admit it. I am a bad blogger. Bad, bad. The last one I did was at the beginning of September and now it’s November. Oops! I will try to do it more in the New Year. My excuse is I moved to Bath at the beginning of the year and it’s been a year of non stop work on the house we bought – but we’ve almost finished. No more builders, no more drilling, no more making 40 cups of tea a day! That said, we’ve had the nicest people imaginable working here and have been very lucky in that respect. What’s that got to do with books? Not a lot but trying to write in the middle of it all has been hard some days and I haven’t really got settled into writing until the vans have left and it’s quiet here again. I’ve been working on Catwalk Queen, the 3rd book in the Million Dollar Mates series. I’ve finished the first draft and I’m putting it away for a week or so then I’ll go back to it and revise, edit and rewrite. In the meantime, I’ll work on the outline for book 4 in the series, Golden Girl. Not sure what’s going to happen in that one yet but it’s cooking in my head. I always find plotline come bit by bit. A sentence, an idea then it develops until there’s a story there. Apart from that, just got back from the dentist. Yeugh. Not my favourite past-time and I have to do all my best relaxation techniques to stop myself whacking the dentist aside and making a run for the door. One of the funniest movie clips about a dentist is from Little Shop of Horrors with Steve Martin as the dentist from hell!Take a look if you dare!: Little Shop of Horrors – Dentist Song Otherwise, it’s time to wrap up, get out the furry boots and think about Christmas! Bye for now Cathy X