March and spring is on its way.

Oops. I keep forgetting to blog! It’s March, almost end of winter, hurrah. There was almost a hint of spring yesterday, so Steve and I set out to walk but had to turn back when it started pouring rain then hailstones. So home we went and I watched a movie curled up on the sofa instead. It was the Lovely Bones. Bit spooky actually. I read the book ages ago and thought it was good, different.
At the moment, my body’s in Somerset where we live (obviously) but my head is in India as part of the book I’m writing is set there. It’s called Golden Girl and is the 4th in the Million Dollar Mates series. I set some scenes in Udaipur in Rajastan because I was there about five years ago and think that it’s one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. It’s known as the city of romance and we stayed in a fairy tale like hotel which is a white palace built in 1746 in the middle of a lake surrounded on one side by hills and on another by the most awesome series of palaces, called the City palace. So I’ve been reminding myself of how it was on the internet and You Tube which has some great footage of the town.
All in all, the past few months have been quiet apart from one week out to visit schools in January to promote Paparazzi Princess, book 2 in the Million Dollar Mates series. I went to schools in Bristol, Melksham, Devizes, Winchester, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Coventry and London. And I met some great librarians, teachers and of course, pupils. It’s always a blast to get out there and meet readers. Writing is such a solitary career, it strikes me as such a contrast to get out into the busy bustling world of a school then to come back to a life when I only see the cats some days when Steve is out working. Here’s Otis in the photo, ready to talk over any plot points should I need his advice.
Bye for now,