It’s half way through July and still raining! I bet you’re all thinking the same as me, when is it going to stop so we can enjoy the summer before it’s over.

I haven’t blogged for a while because I had very sad news in May when my dear father died. I’ve spent a lot of the weeks since then with family and of course there was the funeral and so many things to sort out. My dad was a great character, a tremendous force in the lives of my mother and five brothers and he will be very missed. He was a writer too so we had a lot in common and loads to talk about whenever we saw each other. His website is: www.billysbooks.info

On the book front, there was the Queen of Teen event on July 6th and I and the other nine shortlisted authors made our way (through the rain) to Guildford for the ceremony. The best part of the day for me was meeting my superfan Katie and her friend Annie and we travelled from a restaurant in a pink limo to the event. The crown was won this time by an American lady called Maureen Johnson who made us all laugh by telling us what she was going to do during her reign and promised there would be no beheadings. (see the photo of us all)

Back at home, I’ve almost finished Super Star which is the fifth book in the Million Dollar Mates series which will be out next spring.

The most exciting news though is that my new book Love At Second Sight will be out on August 2nd. This book is a one off novel, not part of a series as all my other books have been. It’s also a book that I’ve wanted to write for a long time so I am really delighted that it’s being published. It’s an unusual love story about Jo, a teenage girl who has been unlucky in love while her mates are all happily paired off. When she’s dragged along to see a clairvoyant by her best friend Effy, she’s told that the reason she hasn’t found love is because she has already met her soul-mate but in a past life. The clairvoyant goes on to tell her that as Jo is back in this life, so is the boy and she won’t find true love or happiness until she finds him. At first, Jo thinks it’s all a load of nonsense but events start to unfold that make her think – could what the clairvoyant said be true? And if so, with three boys in her life, how is she ever going to recognise which boy is The One?
I hope you like it. I certainly enjoyed writing it.
I’ll be taking part in a blog tour around the time of publication which should be fun as I’ve never done one before. It sounds like a great way to reach people.
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So that’s it for now, have a great summer,Love