January 2015

January 2015
Hi everyone,
Happy New Year. I hope you’ve all been having a very jolly holiday and got lots of wonderful books to read. I got the Miniaturist by Jessie Burton and I’m loving it so far.
We’ve had a lovely Christmas with the usual visits to family and friends and people dropping in to see us. And now it’s 2015. 2014 went by in a flash for me. It was an eventful year with three weddings, sadly 4 funerals, and a lot of people’s big birthdays – 3 friends turned 50, 4 60 so it was a mix of happy times and some sad.
In 2015, I will continue the book I started last year. This one is for an older market and could take me about a year to write. I’m about a quarter of the way through now. I started it early 2014 but then completely rewrote it. It was in the third person but I found I felt more comfortable writing in the 1st person so started again at the beginning. It’s sometimes the way with writing, you write, you rewrite, you write, you rewrite. What has been wonderful though is to have had the time and space to make the changes. For the last 14 years, I’ve written to strict deadlines so it has been liberating to feel I have time to let this book develop at its own pace.
We will also have a house move coming up in 2015. Not from Bath, I love it here and want to stay – probably for the rest of my life. The house we are in at the moment is lovely with the most stunning views but is a tad too big for just two of us (and the cats of course) so we will be downsizing to somewhere not too far from here. First we have to sell here though and will go on the market in April or May and hopefully move around September. Fingers crossed for a smooth sale and then it will be like living in a building site for a while because the next house needs everything doing to it from the floors to the ceilings and it will be a project getting it right.
And of course, the book I wrote about in my last blog will be out on January 29th. In case you didn’t see it, here’s a reminder.

It’s called A Home for Shimmer and is for a younger market (nine and upwards) to my usual teen readers but if you like reading about friendships and animals, you may like it whatever your age:
Here’s what it’s about:
Amy is fed-up with her new home already – she absolutely did not want to move to a freezing-cold farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. But her vet dad has suddenly ‘found himself’ and is now running his own vet’s practice at Silverbrook Farm.

Things begin to look up when Amy meets fellow new girl and cat-loving drama queen, Caitlin O’Neill. When the villagers start dropping off stray animals at the farm, the girls have the bright idea of running a rescue centre. But Amy’s parents don’t agree – so what will become of the gorgeous white-gold retriever puppy that has arrived at their door? Will they ever find a home for Shimmer?
Hope you like it,
Bye for now and have a great 2015