Happy New Year 2013

New Year blog:

Happy New Year to one and all. 2013!
I like the New Year and the sense of a new chapter, a new beginning. I wonder what’s in store for us all this year. I like to make resolutions at this time. I know some people think that they’re a waste of time as you often break them but I look on it as a chance to re-evaluate things, to look at where I am and think about where I’d like to go next. To make goals and a list of things to accomplish, otherwise another year can go by and things have stayed the same. It’s also a time to count my blessings about all the good things in my life as well as review the last year and think about what could have been done differently and better or with a different attitude.
On the book front, I have a one coming out in April and that will be number five in the Million Dollar Mates series titled Super Star. This time for Jess, it’s the summer holidays and she has fantasies about time with her boyfriend JJ and maybe a break somewhere lovely with him. However, her father has other plans and she is faced with the prospect of having to get a holiday job. As always in the series, things don’t go according to plan and that includes her love life.
In the meantime, I will be writing a new book due for publication in 2014. It’s a novel called Songs for Sarah. I won’t tell you too much about it at this stage because I’m still working on it but I hope you like it as much as Love At Second Sight, the novel that came out last August. I’ve had some wonderful feedback from readers about that as well as some great reviews.
I also get lots of messages from readers asking if I will visit their school and I have registered with a lovely agency called Authors Aloud who arrange school visits making it easy for me and the schools. If yours would like me to visit, please ask them to get in touch with the agency they are contactable at: www.authorsaloud.co.uk
Apart from writing, there maybe a house move on the cards for my husband and I and we’ll start looking in the spring. We’d like to stay in Bath but where we move to depends on where the right house comes up. One of the main criteria wherever we live is that it is somewhere safe for the cats – so not near a main road! Estate agents always think we’re mad as it can sound as if we’re buying the house for them. But as the saying goes, dogs have owners, cats have slaves. We are certainly slaves to our three.
In January, I have a big birthday coming up, one with a 0. I intend to do a few things to celebrate and to make it last as long as possible! The plan is a spa day with some girlfriends than at the weekend, a party with friends old and new then up to Ainsdale to see my immediate family and celebrate with them. Hopefully I’ll have a break later in the year as well, somewhere sunny which is badly needed after all this rain of late.
I hope your year has plenty of fun things planned, if not, plan some! As a friend of mine said, you have to make your memories. I like that. Life is what you make it so make this year a good one.
Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year.
Bye for now,