Glastonbury time but not for me!

Ah, here comes the rain, just as I’ve waved my two nieces and sister in law off to Glastonbury. At least they have their wellies and umbrellas. I wonder if they will be back in short while looking like drowned rats! It’s a shame because the weather has been glorious for the last ten days.
I spent yesterday in Bristol at a conference on marketing and publicity run by the Society of Authors. It was very interesting and sobering in a way because every speaker made all the authors in the room aware that times have changed re marketing a book and you need to be media savvy– ie: blogs, tweeting, using social media in all its forms. One speaker told us that one of their very successful writers used to travel the globe meeting booksellers and doing events, now he does one tweet and reaches nineteen million followers in one go. Imagine if someone like Charles Dickens was told about twitter, blogging or skype? They would say, not possible ever but it is.
Otherwise, I have started work on a new book and it’s exciting and early days. I’ve got an idea I want to explore, have done an outline and some early chapters so far. Starting a new book is a funny thing. I feel like I am standing outside a room I can see in to where there are a bunch of characters but don’t know them personally yet then I go round the front, in the door and get talking and listen in properly – find out who they are, what’s happening and what they have to say exactly.
Hope all my readers are having a great summer, have their copy of Playlist for A Broken Heart ready for beach, car or plane journeys – and let’s hope the sun shines,
Bye for now