February 2014

February 2014:
What a wet month for all of us. It’s felt relentless. My heart goes out to those poor people whose homes have been flooded. It must be awful for them especially knowing that there’s more rain on the way.
I’ve been tucked up inside with my three cats who don’t like to go out and get wet much either. They find the warmest spot and there they stay.
I’ve been working on a new book called The Silverbrook Girls. So far, I’m up to chapter seven. I can’t say too much about what it’s about just yet but I think my readers will like the themes.
And I have another book that’s out with publishers at the moment. It’s one that I really really want to write – can’t say much about that yet either but finger’s crossed.
Apart from that, the Mates Dates series has been given a new look and has been relaunched. I wrote it some time ago but it is still very popular especially in schools and libraries. Although it was written a few years ago, the issues for teenagers never change and I think in the thirteen books in the series, I’ve pretty well covered them all – from friendships, boys, bullying, image problems, problems at home and school. The four main characters Nesta, Lucy, Izzie and TJ seem to have struck a chord with girls all over the world as this series has been translated into over thirty languages. It’s lovely to hear from readers abroad and know that they empathise with my four girls from North London.
Kindle sales on Amazon have also been doing a promotion of the first two books in the Cinnamon Girl series. This Way to Paradise and Starting Over have both been chosen to be on sale at the special price of just 99 pence a copy over the half term. These links will take you to the books:


And not only that, Catwalk Queen, the third book in the Million Dollar Mates series is also on special promotion with Apple and is on sale for 99 pence as well.


And finally, my books 100 Shortcuts to Relaxation is also now available on kindle: http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=100+shortcuts+to+relaxation

So lots to read on these rainy grey days but as the photo shows, there’s always a rainbow not too far away.
Roll on the spring and summer I say.
Bye for now