Blog for February

The sun is shining! It’s so lovely to see it here after weeks of snow and rain. Spring is not far away.
What have I been up to?
Well I’m still working on Songs for Sarah, a new novel to be published in 2014. And of course, book 5 in the Million Dollar Mates series will be out very soon in April this year, so only about 6 weeks to go. It’s called Superstar and continues the story of Jess Hall and her life at a fabulous apartment block in London.
I got some lovely news last week about my books. The Independent ran an article this month showing the results of the What Kids Are Reading report where 300,000 schoolchildren were asked which books they loved the most. The report showed that there was a big difference between what children and teens enjoy reading and the books they are encouraged to read by adults. I was thrilled to see that I made number nine on the list; You can read the article if you like if you click on this link: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/news/the-tale-of-the-unexpected-decline-of-roald-dahl-8486008.html
A couple of days later, www.amazon.co.uk featured the kindle version of the first book in the Million Dollar Mates series. Just for a day, you could get the book for 99 pence. It was amazing. The book rocketed up the bestseller charts and at about 6pm that day, made it to number one bestselling book in children’s fiction.
Both the article and the results of the amazon promotion made my year, I can tell you. Let’s hope there’s lots more good news like that to come!
Apart from the books news, I’ve just had a big birthday so there has been a lot of meeting up with old friends and family to celebrate. A bunch of my friends got together and sang along to their own version of Paperback Writer which was hilarious, especially as all the men dressed up as me in blonde wigs.
Now it’s time to seriously get down to work and get on with the book I’ve started so I’d better crack on,
Bye for now,