It’s Friday 21st as I write this and outside the window it’s misty and wet and I can hardly see the hills opposite. People all over the country will be preparing to make journeys to their families and friends so I do hope the recent rain doesn’t cause too much delay. I have a few things to finish off up here in my office then will go downstairs, wrap a few more presents ready to head off to Wales in the morning to see my husband’s mother.
I’ll start work again in the New Year and will be working on a novel called Songs For Sarah. This one will be set in Bath, the first book I have set here since my move a few years ago. It’s due to be published in 2014.
There will be a new book out before that though! Book five in the Million Dollar Mates series, Super Star will be published in spring 2013, so not too long to wait.
I’ve had some lovely feedback from readers about Love At Second Sight, the novel that was published in August. For anyone who hasn’t read it, maybe it will be in a Christmas stocking. I hope so. If it is, you can let me know in the New Year what you thought of it.
I had intended to post this earlier but one of my cats Otis, chewed his way through the wire that connects the router and gives us wi-fi. I had to traipse all over Bath to find a replacement. He’s a funny cat and we have to careful to tuck all wires away or he chomps his way through them. Most odd and very annoying!
Anyway, time to sign off for this year. I wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas and all the best for the New Year,
Cathy Hopkins