It’s a gorgeous sunny evening outside, spring is here and the air growing softer. I just got back from seeing the Book Thief which was very good but very sad. And now, I shall sit and work for a while. One of the perks of being an author is that I don’t have to work 9 – 6 so I can skive off for a few hours in the afternoon then make up the time later. I often work in the evenings or weekends up in my office at the top of our house.
It’s less than four weeks to go until the publication of my latest book, Playlist for a Broken Heart on May 8th and I shall be going out on a mini book tour and visiting schools in Yeovil then onto Radstock and Melksham. I’m looking forward to meeting pupils there in Gryphon School Sherborne then Leweston School Sherborne then on May 9th, Writhlington School and Melksham Oak community school.

I’ve been working on The Silverbrook Girls which is about a new set of characters in a fictional place in Somerset. I’ve called it Compton Truit – I think it does sound vaguely Somersetish. I should finish around the end of May/June then shall tinker with some new ideas.
On Friday, I am going up to visit my mum which means a long train journey – though I like train journeys and they are a great place to work I find, that is if I can get a seat at a table. Just stick me on a train for 6 months and I’d come back with loads of writing done.
Mum’s on her own now since my father died, almost two years ago now. I think about him every day and miss our conversations especially later in life when he turned to writing as well. He wrote eight books, a couple of which were bestsellers. Having that in common was great because we could share all the highs and lows that being a writer can entail. He really understood and always had good feedback, encouragement and advice to give. I have brothers in Durham and Manchester and between us, we try and get to visit Mum as often as we can but no doubt about it, life has changed since Dad went. He was a larger than life character, endlessly curious and restless. His office was a testimony to his love of learning and interests and was always full of books, DVD’s, CD’s, plans, notes, open drawers with all sorts spilling out. It’s strange to see it empty now. We all miss him sorely.
Life is Bath is good though. I continue to love this city since we moved here. Our cats love it here too. I can tell they do. Mind you, they are spoilt rotten and rule the house.
So, the printer has just finished printing out some thoughts for a new book. I shall take them up on the train with me on Friday and see what comes of them.
Bye for now,