Exciting news. Harpercollins are going to publish my new book, The Kicking The Bucket List in March 2017. It’s about three sisters who are estranged but are brought together by the conditions in their late mother’s will and it’s for the adult market so is a big change for me from the teenage books I’ve been writing for the last sixteen years.
Since I last blogged, I’ve been up to London and to Harpercollin’s amazing offices near London Bridge and up to the eighteenth floor from where the views are SPECTacular – you can see the whole of London from up there. I have met my new editor, Kate Bradley a few times now and already she feels like an old friend – always a good start to a working relationship. I also met the whole team on my last visit – I thought I was meeting about six people but when I got there, there were about forty people in the room from all areas involved in the process of publishing. I liked the fact that I got to meet them as often as an author, you don’t get to meet the people behind the scenes but who are very important to the process. I was very impressed by their enthusiasm and energy and very touched by the welcome they gave me.
So a new start for me and one I’m very much looking forward to.
Lots of writing to do now!
Bye for now,